Argentina: gobernabilidad y movimientos sociales. El caso del Movimiento Nacional de Empresas Recuperadas

Argentina: governance and social movements. The case of National Movement of Recovered Companies

This work makes an attempt to understand the political strategies that are used by the National Movement of Reclaimed Enterprises (MNER); examining the relationships they established with the (governmental) political system and the national entrepreneurs. We examine to what degree the political opportunities were leading the MNER towards the definition of new strategies and their impact on the movement. The analysis starts from a documentary exploration of texts produced by and about the MNER; In-depth interviews were conducted with members and former members of the MNER. Collective action by  workers (occupation and recovery of enterprises), contributed to the definition of new political opportunities and changed the political structure of the MNER, contributing to the extension of these opportunities to the national entrepreneurs and the Government.

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