Autogestão em construção: uma cooperativa de construção civil do Rio de Janeiro

In this assignment, we tried to understand the changes on life and work conditions that was possible thanks to a enterprise based on the ideals spread by economy of solidarity. We identified, beyond the route ran to guarantee the economic viability, that work becomes with a new mean based on another views of being, of thinking, of doing, of living on/about work. We analyzed the social representations of those workers about their occupational reality, work organization, cooperative practices and the distribution of financial incomes – also about health and social participation. It was detected that, in spite of the difficulties on overcome all the submissive culture and the usual way of understand occupational risks as normal, this alternative has made possible significant social changes and another ways of promote and produce health, particularly on psychosocial point of view. The obtained results shows that this experience beyond constitute a feasible way of surviving and a way of improving life quality, makes possible the professional improvement and the exercise of autonomy, freedom with responsibility, cooperation and solidarity. It was too noticed that there was a growing involvement with socials, political and communities issues.

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