De proletários e aymaras: a Comuna Altenha de 2003 frente à reestruturação produtiva

From workers and Aymaras: The Commune of Altenha of 2003 in front of the restructuring of production

Through fieldwork in Bolivia and bibliographic review, the present article comments both punctual and historical facts essential to understand El Alto´s Commune during October, 2003. This was an territorial and self-management organization that occupied and fought bolivian armed forces during two weeks defending natural gas and asking for Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada´s resignation. This paperwork also presents the recent debate on Bolivian proletariat after productive restructuring, as well as considerations on contemporary class configuration that was reflected during the struggle between real and formal subsumpted workers by the capital and hydrocarbon transnationals on 2003. It finally discusses El Alto´s Commune organizational limits.

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