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This page is Intended to be a virtual open library where past and present documents and essays on worker control and worker self-management are collected.

Spontaneous and spontaneously taken control of production and working environment has a theoretical and political relevance that goes far beyond the sphere of work and production. Rather, it refers to an alternative way of organizing society as a whole. By denying the idea of ​​private property and independently taking control of their work, workers turned the entire structure of capitalist production relations upside down. In doing so, they are opened for a production of their own control, usually for a short time only.

It is this inherently emancipatory character of workers' control that gives meaning to documentations and analyzes of the experience gained during this process. Their knowledge and dissemination is not only from a political perspective.

Therefore, in making the collection and dissemination of workers' control texts for the purpose of this site, we want to encourage them to put these practices of self-government at the center of political and trade union practice. The view of historical alternative and practices should be a contribution to counter-hegemony in a society that is still steeped in the dogma of the lack of alternative of capitalist relations.

This page depends on the active participation of the users. If you have any text that could enrich our collection, just send it to us - we will appreciate any suggestion. In our editorial team there is a different editor responsible for each language and region.

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In the translation of the term "workers' control", it is referred to as "self-management". Apart from that, however, we are aware that we are striving for a gender-neutral or integrating language.

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