In 2008, Republic Windows and Doors went bankrupt and was shut down, leaving outstanding debts to the staff.  The workers protested through occupations and sit-ins, and a construction company took control of the factory. After the new owner decided to shut down the factory, the workers with the support of the community and funding from 'The Working World' decided to buy out the machinery and start a worker-owned democratically managed cooperative that produces energy-efficient windows.

Transnational car parts producer Maflow was sold to an investor who shut down the plant in December 2012 removing most of the machinery. In February 2013 former Maflow workers occupied the plant, together with precarious workers and workers from a nearby factory closed after fraudulent bankruptcy. The 20 workers participating full time in the project started recycling computers and electronic household devices, opened a bar and cafeteria and organized a flea market, cultural activities and a group for solidarity shopping. They plan to transform the factory into a plant for industrial recycling.

VIOME is a building materials factory in Thessaloniki, Greece, which was abandoned by its owners at the peak of the Greek crisis, in 2011. Subsequently it was occupied by its workers, and has been producing natural detergents under workers' control since 2013. 

Legal status: The workers formed a cooperative in April 2014. As of December 2015 there is an auction process for the liquidation of the company assets.