Paul Buhle

Two Books On Labor

A review by Paul Buhle of 'An Alternative Labour History' and 'New Forms of Worker Organization'. "Readers will learn a lot and will be inspired more than a little by these volumes."

An old question: is there a vital “workerism,” self-guided and instinctively radical, apart from socialist, communist or other left-wing political groups and can it make great reforms, even hold power in a workplace or city or national state? The question goes properly back, in socialist history, to the years before the First World War, when vast movements of unskilled, underpaid workers in North America and various parts of Europe defied socialist calls for moderation and control, that is, by left-wing party leadership. Through the immensely complicated history of the Left in the same places and across the world, most of the same questions recur. read more »

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