Social Waste - "At utopia's fiesta"

A video clip by Greek militant hip-hop collective Social Waste, filmed at the recuperated factory of VIOME.

Captions available in English, Spanish, Italian, Greek.

The video clip was shot at the occupied, self-managed factory of VioMe in Thessaloniki. It includes shots from the Festival for the Water of Thessaloniki that was organized by Water Warriors in December 2013.
Social Waste would like to thank the general assembly of the workers of VioMe for the hospitality and the participation in the videoclip.

Director: Dimitra Karyotaki
Photography: Manos Cizek 
Scratch (Video Clip): Vaggelis(DST8)

Lyrics, Presentation: Leonidas
Produced by: DXR, Rizikos
Bass: Stelios Mpotsaris
Scratch: DJ Stigma
Year: 2013

Mixing & mastering by Los Angelos (Dj Stigma) @ GroundZero sound & design

Official Website:
Facebook :
Download Album (MP3):
Download Album (Flac):


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