Who we are

workerscontrol.net is a multinlingual knowledge base maintained by an international network of activists and academics with both theoretical insight and hands-on experience on issues of workers' self-management and company recuperation. 

Founders collective

  • Dario Azzellini, Johannes-Kepler-Universität, Linz, A., www.azzellini.net (Venezuela)
  • Ralf Hoffrogge, Universität Potsdam, D., (Germany/Austria, early twentieth century)
  • Alan Tuckman, UK

  • Theodoros Karyotis, Greece


  • English section: Alan Tuckman, Dario Azzellini, Theodoros Karyotis
  • French section: Benoît Borrits, Association Autogestion www.autogestion.asso.fr
  • German section: Dario Azzellini.
  • Portuguese section: José Brendan Macdonald, Prof. Henrique Tahan Novaes, Flávio Chedid Henriques, Sandra Rufino, Amanda Azevedo, Leandro Capela, Fernanda Araújo, Vicente Nepomuceno
  • Spanish section: Dario Azzellini, Mario Hernández, Matías Halpin, Theodoros Karyotis
  • Italian section: Guido Cavalca


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