Solemnly in Tuzla: Dita started producing powder detergent Arix Tenzo.

Following repairs to the roof and steamline, Dita factory in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, has gone back into production as a workers' cooperative.

Tenzo back in production

In June 2015 workers at Dita detergent factory in Tusla, following bankrupcy, look over the factory to stop it becoming derelict.  Following repairs, particularly to the roof and steamline, they have gone back into production as a workers' cooperative.  The following is a short piece from the Sarajavo Times.  Hope to have a fuller story soon.

"After months of hard work and effort in the Tuzla detergent factory Dita, the production of powder detergent Arix Tenzo started yesterday.

First packaging of Arix are already getting ready for the market and they will be soon on the shelves of Bingo, who financed the raw materials for 140 tons of this detergent, and later on the shelves of other shopping centers as well.

We managed to repair the steam line, 70 % of the raw materials are imported, and Bingo has provided us with raw materials, same as for liquid products,” said President of the labor union of Dita Mehmedovic Dzevad.

“This concluded program for Dita,” he said, adding that Dita returned to its original position, and that it can work as 10 years ago.

Arix is returning on the market with 18 raw materials as high quality detergent. The export of Arix was also announced, primarily 25 tons for Kosovo. Employees in Dita are expecting to have a lot of work to do.

Six new experts started to work in Dita, and they will need more manpower.

Tatjana Paunoski, employee in the Office for public relations of company Bingo, recalled that Bingo supported Dita in the production of liquid detergent “3de” in June, emphasizing that Bingo financed 138 tons of raw materials for the production of powder detergent, and expressed satisfaction that Arix Tenzo will be present in homes of many citizens.



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