Worker control and factory occupations, global South and North; Pt. II

The past decade has witnessed a dramatic expansion in worker factory occupations with a range of goals, including the creation of worker self management and control with the goal of bringing greater democracy to the economic decisions that directly affect their lives. The panel examines recent factory occupations and efforts to establish worker control, evaluating a range of opportunities and impediments. How resilient is the worker control movement and the expanding defiance of capital and the state?


  • Dario Azzellini—Johann Kepler University
  • Immanuel Ness–Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society
  • James Gray Pope—Rutgers University Law School
  • Kari Lydersen—Journalist and Author
  • Marina Sitrin—SUNY Old Westbury
  • Peter Knowlton—United Electrical Workers
  • Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society