1. Living Utopia

    A documentary film about the generalised anarcho-syndicalist collectivisation and self-management of the economy during the 'Spanish Revolution' of 1936.

    Living Utopia (Original, 1997: Vivir la utopía. read more »

  2. Self-management in the struggle for socialism

    The task of the vanguard is to ensure that the new ‘power’ is not centralised in the hands of an ‘elite’ but that it is diffused as widely as possible among the mass of working people.

    Since the Communist Manifesto was written, the struggle for world socialism has taken on extremely diverse forms, the content of the struggle varying from case to case. The type of transitional society from capitalism to socialism that Marx (in the Critique of the Gotha Programme) or Lenin (in The State and Revolution) envisaged, has not yet been reached anywhere. read more »

  3. Toni Negri: an intellectual among the workers

    The author recounts his experience of autonomous proletarian organisation in the period of intense working-class struggle that gripped Italy in the 60s.

    I deliver here an account of my lived experience of Marghera, roughly between 1960 and 1969. Is this the story of a Bildung [education]? This notion is perhaps too charged with cultural resonances; it would be better to use the English training, which allies practical education with intellectual discipline. In reality, I do not know the appropriate manner by which to name this extraordinary apprenticeship – a decade long – in class struggle.  read more »

  4. On cyber syndicalism: From Hacktivism to Workers’ Control

    Cyber activists need to devote more attention to direct action in tech workplaces and organized efforts toward workers’ control.

    Alternative globalization movements in the global North, from their high point in the Quebec City mobilizations against the Free Trade Area of the Americas in 2001 to the present, have been faced with the challenge of rebuilding and finding new ground on which to re-mobilize since the political reaction set in following the 9/11 attacks which derailed momentum and caused many mainstream elements (especially labor unions) to disengage and demobilize (where not playing to the forces of “law and order” reaction). read more »

  5. The Commune: Paris 1871

    A 1971 libertarian appraisal of the Paris Commune by members of Solidarity UK.

    We can now examine the Paris Commune in a new light - in the light precisely of the rich experience of Bolshevism and of Trotskyism. We mean, more specifically, in the light of their failure. Stated more concretely, the proletarian revolution of 1871 must now be re-evaluated in the light of the degeneration of the Russian Revolution and of the positive lessons of the revolutionary struggle of the Hungarian Workers' Councils in 1956 against a bureaucratic society in which the means of production were completely 'nationalised'. read more »

  6. The malaise on the left

    Maurice Brinton of Solidarity's 1974 critique of the statist left and its definition of worker's control.

    Forget for a moment the scare campaigns of the recent elections: Scanlon and Jones presented by the yellow press as proselytisers of red revolution, Mr. read more »

  7. Foreword to 'The Bolsheviks and workers' control: the state and counter-revolution' by Maurice Brinton

    A 1996 introduction by the libertarian marxist 'Solidarity' group to Brinton's chronicle of how the bolshevik party undermined soviet power in Russia during the October Revolution.

    This pamphlet has two aims. It seeks to contribute new factual material to the current discussion on 'workers' control'. And it attempts a new kind of analysis of the fate of the Russian Revolution. read more »

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  8. New Era Windows: Our Story

    The struggle that led to the creation of the New Era Windows workers' cooperative, as told by the workers themselves.

    In 2008, the boss decided to close our windows factory on Goose Island and fire everyone. In 2012, we decided to buy the factory for ourselves and fire the boss. We now own the plant together and run it democratically. This is our story. read more »

  9. Los Fralibos - A song by and for the workers of Fralib

    The workers of Fralib sing about their struggle.

    "Thé de l'Eléphant was born in Provence, it must stay in Provence"

    The workers of Fralib (the Elephant Tea) in Géménos spent 1336 days of struggle against Unilever, the giant multinational behind the Lipton brand. Their collective strength finally managed to make the multinational cave in, and thus SCOPTI coop was born. Their struggle is recounted here by the workers themselves, in French, to the rhythm of the Los Fralibos protest song. 

  10. Social Waste - "At utopia's fiesta"

    A video clip by Greek militant hip-hop collective Social Waste, filmed at the recuperated factory of VIOME.

    Captions available in English, Spanish, Italian, Greek. read more »

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